Why Choose Weather Tech Fasteners

Locking Teeth

Resists Loosening

Low Profile

Lets Ice/Snow Slide Down

Area Under the Head Protects the Sealer

Prevents Leaks

Strong Head to Shaft Connection

Does Not Break

Deep Tool Fitting

Does not Strip, Saves Time

One Hand Installation

Prevents Finger Burns


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About Us

Since their early 20’s Dave and his father were installing and repairing metal roofs when he noticed that after every couple of years, he was going back to the same roofs to fix leaks and tighten the screws which had backed out. That’s when he had the idea to create fasteners which were anti-loosening, anti-leaking, sturdy, and easy to install, and after many initial prototypes and designs, the Shark Bite & Dominator screws were created. Thereafter with the help of some friends and family Weather Tech Fasteners Inc was born.

Contact Us

Questions? Give us a call on   775-583-7363 , send us an e-mail! Join our growing network of Retailers and Distributors with Channel Protection.